We take great pride in our product but we take great pride in our sourcing processes too. We’re committed to not only the welfare of all of the animals used in the production of our foods and rigorously enforces stringent sourcing policies but also to ensuring the sourcing of the best quality available for the grade required.

We hand pick our select group of farming partners and go to great lengths to ensure that the farm to fork journey of our products is traceable throughout.

Our sourcing team insists that high standards of animal welfare are met and maintained at all stages of the animal’s life – on the farm, during transportation and at the place of slaughter.

How our farming partners look after our animals is important to us, which is why we only work with producers and suppliers that adhere to, and share our commitment to animal welfare. For our prime range we predominantly partner with farmers neighbours in the Lancashire and Yorkshire areas and we are proud to say that we have working relationships spanning decades.

By building relationships, we can confidently confirm that the quality of our products are maintained and best practice is carried out at all times; meeting our own exacting standards as well as those of industry regulatory bodies.

Regular site visits and farm audits are carried out to support continuous improvement in animal health and welfare standards throughout our whole supply chain.

We hold FSA, Red Tractor and RSPCA Assured (formerly Freedom Foods) accreditations and work hard to maintain the standards laid out, including traceability, food safety and hygiene, animal welfare and environmental protection. We look ourselves to farming regulatory bodies for guidance and advice in order that we maintain a clear, long term strategy for continual improvement.