Grassroots is a specialist in traditional, fine art butchery, yet at the same time has the capability and technology to volume produce bulk orders and fixed weight products, using machinery running speeds of five tonnes per hour.

We recognise the need for large scale production in meeting the demands of our customer base and we have a wealth of experience in dealing with such orders on a daily basis for a national client base.

Product Development

Whether you have a product you feel needs refining, or are looking for help getting a new product to market, we can help.

Our product development team can assist in ideas generation, product design, flavours and taste as well as market research and marketing analysis.

We provide a hands-on approach, helping retailers, wholesalers, multi-channel partners and entrepreneurs bring their product/s to the fore.

We deliver a complete end-to-end service on our clients’ behalf and manage within your timescales and budgets.

Fixed Weight

Our butchery team is supported by a competent team of packers and graders, who ensure your products have been chopped, diced, minced or sliced to the correct fixed weight portions, before entering the packaging process.

While we are here to offer our expert advice, you determine the weights and quantities required and we work to your specifications.

Using hi-tech, state-of-the-art machinery, we are able to offer fast throughput to meet demand at all times.

Hand Cut

Traditional butchery methods are slowly disappearing from butchery operations in favour of modern seam butchery, but at Grassroots it is at the very core of what we do.

As such, we invest a lot of time developing such skills within our team; breaking down whole carcasses in a nose to tail approach to be able to offer a varied range of good, flavourful cuts without unnecessary waste.

To us, butchery is an art and an important part of the process farm to fork.

Formed lines

We have worked hard to ensure that formed lines such as burgers, sausages and bacon are completely free from gluten and from any other unnecessary extras.

Using natural casings and seasoning for our sausages, we can produce any consistency and flavor you require and on unlimited scale.

We use traditional curing and smoking methods for our bacon products, which come pre-packed ready for retail sales or bulk-packed for wholesale needs.