Secure state-of-the-art packaging prevents the secondary contamination of meat and meat products, whether this be dirt, micro-organisms, such as bacteria or mould, parasites, toxic substances, and, as such, extends its shelf life.

It also prevents influences which can negatively affect the colour, smell and taste of your meat product, such as light and oxygen, as well as unwanted loss or uptake of moisture. Ultimately, packaging helps maintain the quality of your product through processing and distribution to the end consumer, as well as giving it a superior appearance.

Vacuum packed

The most cost effective method of packaging is to vacuum pack your product which involves removing air and unwanted moisture from the package prior to sealing.

This form of packaging reduces the growth of microorganisms with the food, providing a very safe and hygienic method of storage. It also carries on ageing steaks once sealed.

Vacuum packing also helps maintain the product’s quality; extending its life by up to three to five times.

Tray sealed

We can tray seal products in two ways; at normal atmosphere or Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP); a popular way to package meat and meat products, helping maintain the meat’s colour and making it a more attractive proposition to consumers.

In MAP tray sealing, packages are firstly subjected to a vacuum and a mixture of gases are then introduced into the air-free space before sealing. The gases which typically contain nitrogen (N2) – whose job is replace the atmospheric oxygen, and carbon dioxide (CO2) – which offers a protective function, inhibiting the unwanted growth of bacteria and moulds.

We use sophisticated machinery to enable this process, so while MAP packaging could prove a costly exercise if carrying out yourself in-house, our own size and throughput make it a cost effective and safe solution to the secure packaging of your products.

Skin pack

High volume packaging often involves the use of skin packaging; a very cost effective option which can be carried out large-scale through our dedicated packaging machines.

The products are placed in the packaging machine on 10/30mm thermaform rigid bases and a flexible film top layer drapes itself from above around the product, resembling a tight “skin” on the product surface avoiding wrinkles and unwanted air.

Skin packaging contours itself to the shape of your product, offering full product protection while at the same time providing full visibility of your products.