We can also offer top and bottom labelling should you require it. The same principles of top labelling apply, it just enables further space for information; leaving the presentation of the brand to the top label and the necessary ingredients information for the bottom.

Correct and professional labelling of your products is vital. Not only is it necessary to label your foods to ensure consumers get vital information about the foods they consume, it is equally important that your labelling is aesthetically pleasing in order for customers to choose your product before a competitor one.

C-wrap labels

This term refers to the application of a label which forms a C shape around the bottom, front and top of a product and is a format generally related to meat and fresh produce to enable multi-pack stacking for retailers and easy label reading for shoppers.

Our in-house marketing and design team can assist with labelling designs should you wish, or, alternatively you can provide your own artwork for use.

Top sticker labelling

Providing a cost-effective, yet attractive labelling solution, the top label is typically made from semi-gloss/gloss paper but can also be made out of any standard label material, whether PET film, vinyl, polypropylene, acrylic or other.

We can advise on the solution you need by asking a few simple questions about how the label will be used and our design team is available to create your label design should you wish.